Friday, November 5, 2010

When things go wrong in India, things go really wrong in India.  Like people receiving news that a loved one has passed away, or getting dengue fever, or a hernia, or in my case, a rabid dog bite.  What is interesting though is that the community here, comprised of people that you have generally known for a limited time, is somehow able to generate a network of support and love that is pretty unbelievable.  Everyone is perhaps a little more sensitive than usual while they are here, and I think a heightened sense of empathy is the result.   On my first trip when I was pretty desperately ill, on more than one occasion, I had rehydration salt delivery and company from a generous soul, and this time around after being chomped on the ankle by a sick dog, I have received more compassion and concern than I probably deserved from friends and complete strangers alike.  Many people have been checking in on the healing process on a daily basis, and just having so many people offer to help in whatever way they can is something I can only express gratitude for.   For a tight-knit community to be formed in such a short time frame is quite special, and I think there is a little Mysore magic involved; I can't begin to fathom this happening anywhere else in the world.  

***Blogging teaser: Crochet-aholics/Underage-Grandma-Club and Diwali mayhem posts coming soon!

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