Sunday, June 20, 2010

Infinite Love part 2

I think Dads in general might have a way of shaping their daughter's perspective of all the men that come into their lives both romantically and in friendship, and my Dad has provided for me a sterling example of what to expect from a good man. None of this real men don't cry, and are breadwinners but don't connect with their children nonsense from him! Some of my earliest memories are in the family room of my mom and dad's house, setting up an obstacle course of toys to jump over and carefully instructing my dad on how to do properly jump over and around the teddy bears and blocks and such. And I remember him listening and playing along like it was one of the most important things he would do all day. Now, my dad is a pretty big guy, a little scruffy around the edges (especially when he doesn't shave for a few days), and he was brought up on a dairy farm in rural Alberta (a place where men are expected to be fairly stoic in general), but there is somehow still room in there for a sweet, soft side that cries while watching the Lion King, and knows all the words to every song in the Sound of Music. Every time I go home to visit my mum and dad it goes without saying that I will be tucked in at night by my Daddy, but in a way he came up with when I was in my early 20's, and that has a striking similarity to the Kecak trance dancing that I saw in Bali. It might actually take longer to fall asleep after being so carefully tucked in; all the giggling goes on lasts for a good ten minutes after the tucka tucka tucka tuck in. When I am sick or tired or feeling sad I have been known to crawl up into my dad's lap and burrow my face into his shoulder and he will hold me like a baby until his legs fall asleep. Not talking, not anything. Just being held. My dad is not a complete softie though, I remember the terror he incited in my first boyfriend when we started dating at 17, and I am sure that young man hasn't forgotten either, even though that relationship ran it's course long ago. So on Father's day, I want to remind my Dad how much I cherish the fact that I am still his baby, and I won't be seeing him today, but he will be on my mind and in my heart.
I love you Daddy!

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