Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taking a plunge!

This year has been nothing short of whirlwind. 2009 started off on a FANTASTIC note in Mysore, India, studying Ashtanga yoga at KPJAYI with two of my dearest friends. After three months of struggling to come to terms with a direction in which to point my future, I hopped on a plane with a mixture of anticipation and dread, and headed home to Canada. A week in Victoria working retail left me anxious and wondering "WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE???", and I realized I had to stop waiting for some sort of divine inspiration, so I signed up for a course to teach English as a second language. A weight lifted off my shoulders as I realized that I had indeed taken a huge step towards a new path, and before I had even completed my teaching course, I secured a job in Indonesia. Breaking this news to my parents was not exactly a walk in the park... making your dad cry is never a good feeling. My mom and dad are the source of both my roots and my wings, and they took it with as much grace as possible. Do any parents really want to hear that their child (forget the fact that I am 25, I am still their baby!) is moving for at least a year to a country know for earthquakes, tsunamis, and terrorism? To me, moving to Indonesia meant opportunity for growth, adventure, culture, sunshine, and a job that would support my wanderlust, hopefully financing a second trip to India. I have slipped into the role of a teacher with no backward glance; it is a good fit for me right now, and it has also given me insight to how deeply I want to be a student again one day(but not yet!). Settling in to my life here has been a matter of rolling out my yoga mat each morning to practice, sending gratitude out into the universe for all the generosity it has bestowed upon me in the last year, and learning to laugh at the twists and turns that occur each day.


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