Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lost in Translation? Not really...

So on Saturday, I was hanging out with Lina, my lovely new friend and neighbor, and as we were driving around Jakarta in her car (more like sitting still in bumper to bumper traffic watching people on motorbikes zip by), a song by Fergie came on the radio. I hear a small voice beside me pipe up... "what does this 'jump in the trunk' mean?" I giggled and thought to myself about the likelihood of conveying the message of "junk in the trunk," or better yet, "my lovely lady lumps" according to Fergie in a way that my Indonesian friend would understand. A quick lesson in pronunciation (jump vs. junk) and on the English idiom took place, and after explaining both the literal and figurative meaning of what it truly means for one to have "junk in the trunk," Lina started asking about who exactly has this characteristic. I started listing a few celebrities, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and I was interupted with a statement that showed me my teaching skills are up to par. "Ashley, you are quite slim, but I think you have some junk in the trunk!" This is coming from a 26 year old woman who has had three children but is no bigger than I was at 12... offence coud hardly be taken. We both sat and laughed for a few minutes, and I admitted that yes, I have a little more junk in the trunk than I would care to haul around. She looked at me earnestly and asked "now what about lady lumps? Is that this one?" She points quite accurately to herself (the lady is breastfeeding, enough said) and we both catch ourselves laughing again. Now I only have to wonder what the people in the car beside us were thinking!!!

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